With just a slight stumble last year, the online payment brand Stripe has been on an amazing media trajectory over the past 3-years.

The brand caught my media attention again this month when I noticed it breaking out of its sector pack with a +6 point or +12 percent increase over the prior month, placing Stripe in a nice media rating position at 49 points.

The brand continue to ride a strong momentum trigger that occurred last September and is now 4-points clear of its trailing 12-month rating average.

Much of Stripes June/July coverage comes from geographic expansion, new mobile device support and expanded partnerships, Pinterest being the latest and greatest for the payment startup.

Media momentum ebbed lower this month after 6-months of strong gains.  Momentum is one of those media targets that just about impossible to extend beyond 6-months.  It’s almost like your brand needs to catch its breath before moving to the next basecamp.  But the media attention around Stripe is tight and consistent.  The spikes are not wild or exaggerated, suggesting the brand is simply firing on a number of announcement and coverage cylinders that are just propelling the firm’s media prominence to new sector heights.

Stripe climbed 4 rank positions over the prior month and is up +6 rank positions over the prior year.  At #14 in the Online Payment Sector, Stripe has a definite shot at a top-10 media positions over the next 2-3 months.