Lululemon Athletica Inc. Chief Executive Officer Laurent Potdevin At New Hong Kong Store

Yoga apparel brand Lululemon couldn’t be in a better media position this month after weathering yet another product recall that drew considerable media attention to the company’s “hoodie” product. It didn’t hurt that the company also announced stronger than expected earnings in the same media cycle. Both storylines drove the brand’s earned media rating to a 2-year high of 75 and the #4 sector rank.

Just look at these sector numbers…

The company managed to hit every top-10 list in the Athletic & Outdoor Apparel Sector, i.e. Top-10 Rating (#4), Top-10 Prior Month Change (#1), Top-10 Fast Mover (#8) and Top-10 Posting Near High (#3). Overall a good month for the #4 ranked athletic apparel brand (the brand leaped ahead of Puma, Reebok and New Balance).

Lululemon is up an astounding +10 points or +14% at a strong 75 media rating leapfrogging New Balance, Reebok, and Puma for the #4 rank in the Athletic & Outdoor Apparel sector.  To put that rating in perspective, the on-fire athletic brand Under Armour is at 77.  Lululemon’s media momentum is up +102% on a series of recent media spikes that began in October of last year. Media value is also quite high at $1.3 million for the June media cycle, bringing the cumulative 12-month value to $9.8 million. Year-over-year growth was flat, with no measureable change over the same period last year.

A quick look at the brand’s 4-year rating trajectory shows the company has consistently maintained a 70+ point run rate for over 2 years now.