My youngest daughter is a big Katy Perry fan as I discovered when she sang just about every one of her songs on a road trip to California this summer.   And then the latest issue of Forbes arrives on my doorstep (courtesy of Skymiles offer), and guess who’s on the cover – Katy Perry.  The article is really about the top-100 celebrities, but she’s on the list and on the cover.

And that’s what got me to thinking…what’s her media rating these days? And is she rocking the rating charts like she’s rocking my daughter’s generation?  According to the Fortune article,  her domestic appeal is transferable to just about every country on planet earth!

But what about her rating numbers.  Where is all this apparent popularity on the earned media radar?

A quick look at her 4-year rating trend suggest that Perry is losing media ground. Over the prior 2-years, Perry has gone from 91 to her current low this month .  Her cumulative growth (CUME) is off -4 percent, but more importantly, her year-over-year media ratings are off -12 percent.  And take a look at her media momentum trendline in the second graphic.  The latest media cycle shows Perry has been losing media momentum consistently for 12+ months.

Where does this put Ms. Perry in the Celebrity Brand Sector?  Well, she’s at a 4-year rating low and down -19 positions in her sector ranking.    For perspective, her 76 rating is identical to Tom Cruise, Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams.  A little over a year ago her 91 point rating put her ahead of  Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

Here’s a more detailed look at Katy Perry’s earned media position.

As mentioned earlier, momentum has been underwater for 12-months.  She’s 4-points off her trailing 12-month average.  Growth numbers are all negative.  And rank is off -19 positions over the prior year.  There have been no media momentum triggers for nearly 2-years.

But even with the slipping media rating position, I still love to hear my daughter sing her songs.  And kudos to Ms. Perry’s agent for securing the Fortune cover – nice media work!