Hillary Clinton sustained her 94 point rating streak over the prior 3 months on a strong populist tone that drew considerable media attention. The candidate used Roosevelt Island as the backdrop to highlight many of the “common folk” messages she’s promoting in the media. Additional June/July storylines were rebuttals to competitive attacks (both Republican and Democrats), continuing stories about her use of private emails and Sydney Blumenthal’s role in various State Department decisions.

Hillary Clinton’s #1 media rating showed no measurable decline over the prior period, and shows an identical rating position compared to the prior year. Her numbers are well ahead sector average of 60. While it’s hard to squeeze more momentum out of a mid-90+ rating, the former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state was able to build additional media momentum over the prior month, up +19%.  Her campaign generated an amazing $26.3 million in media value this month which lifted her cumulative 12-month media value to $213 million.