Bernie Sanders Media Rating Up +2 Points, Crossing a 70 Ratings ThresholdThe rousing liberal bent on shaking up what he refers to as the compromising Clinton platform, Bernie Sanders fueled plenty of media coverage on his recent polling numbers and the sizeable crowds he’s drawing across early primary states.  The Vermont senator cemented his liberal party platform and effectively created the progressive high-water mark for media comparisons to Hillary Clinton.

From a metric perspective, Bernie Sanders delivered a solid June media performance, ratings are up +2 points or +3 percent at 70.  The Senator crossed into the 70 point media rating territory for the first time in 4-years with equally strong momentum (up +18% over the prior month).

Even with the strong rating and momentum numbers, Sanders is flying low in his sector ranking, down -1 position versus his presidential contenders.  Sanders is currently coming in at #19 in the 2016 Presidential Contender sector.   The senator’s media value is low at $794K for June with a cumulative 12-month total of $8.3 million.  Both media values are well off the the leading candidates from both parties.

As the de facto liberal in the race, Sanders is drawing good media coverage.  The senator from Vermont needs to lift his ratings north of 78 points over the next 2 months to stay in contention for an early debate slot.  As it stands his rating numbers are just too low to keep his message in front of high-value national media outlets, and broad social media networks.