Sanofi’s recently approved LDL cholesterol treatment, Alirocumab, is a clear media standout in the Prescription Drug sector this month.  The most recent prescription medication for combatting high LDL is up an amazing +16 points or +35% at 45.   The drug attracted considerable media attention for a new treatment introduction given its broad application and significant financial upside for Sanofi.  Remember, Alrocumab is aimed at the Lipitor market, and we know how popular that drug became (speaking of Lipitor, the leading cholesterol lowering drug brand is unchanged this month from a rating perspective at 47 points, just +2 points ahead of Alirocumab).

The Alirocumab approval provided Sanofi with the media opportunity to tout the company’s expanding drug pipeline, including the much anticipated new treatment for diabetes, Afrezza. Sanofi is also receiving considerable media coverage for an anticipated dengue vaccine.  You don’t here much about new vaccine’s since they take so long to develop, trial and roll-out (Sanofi’s effort has been in development for nearly 20 years).

Here’s a peek into the “other” LDL Cholesterol medication, Lipitor.  Pfizer’s biggest revenue medication of all time has been on a downward trajectory after its rating high back in 2011.  For the most part, media momentum has left the Lipitor building as more advanced treatments have been introduced over the past few years.  The drug’s current media rating is stalled at 47 this month, and all growth rates are negative.