It was 2013…3D printing was the THE topic in the tech trades.  The topic began trending in mid-2012, quickly gaining traction in mainstream channels and eventually hit its media stride late 2013.   But as the rating profile illustrates, 3D printing has begun to lose its media luster to other competing technology topics, i.e. driverless cars, wireless power, and “virtual” everything (reality, worlds, networks, data centers, etc.).

From a media rating perspective, 3D Printing is currently up +6 points or +7 percent at 84 points.  The topic is off its rating high of 88 points (January 2014).  Within the Technology Trend Sector, the topic ranks a strong #9, up +6 positions over the prior month.

The +6 point increase over the prior month was driven by a wide assortment of brands and organizations.  From NASA (print your own space habitat) to L’Oreal (replace animal testing with synthetic printed skin),  the variety of 3D printing storylines illustrates the mainstream nature of the topic.  Digital cameras went through a similar media maturation period.