May be its because I grew-up surrounded by technology that a concern for information privacy hasn’t really hit me like it should.  And it’s not like there isn’t enough story material out there.  Data breach after data breach, from Snowden and the NSA to Chinese hackers.  There is anything but a shortage of privacy-data-gone -ad stories these days.

What sparked my interest to look into the right to privacy media profile was day’s NYT piece on data privacy made it pretty clear: your data is a commodity that has intrinsic and real value.  Privacy agreements evaporate when companies are sold, bought, merged or consolidated.

But where exactly is the right to privacy in the media?

The current May/June rating for privacy and information/data is up +1 point at 76, 4 points off the topic’s media rating high of 80 set on October 2013 (due to a spike in privacy stories related to Obamacare legislation).  Any topic, trend or brand north of 80 points is a very strong to extreme topic in the media.  At 76 points the Right to Privacy topic is not pulling top-end media coverage, and clearly not in the volumes necessary to make it a top-10 social / political topic.

When it comes to media coverage, editors have quite an appetite for data privacy topics, especially when they’re accompanies by a large and very public data-breach.  And why not?  It’s the breached customer just so happens to also be the media’s target audience.  Yet despite all the data gone wild stories, the topic has yet to spark a media “firestorm”.

I like to call those media “firestorms” a topic’s media “moment”. It’s that confluence of events, coverage and public response that elevates a topic above an 85 point media threshold, slightly lower in some sectors.

Media momentum has ebbed upward for the right to privacy storyline, only to surrender subsequent gains as memory of the underlying data breach or hacking event subsides.  The result is a media rating trendline with high variability, but little upward trajectory.  At this points its hard to postulate as to what type and event magnitude might be necessary to left the topic above the critical 80/85 point barrier.

When will data privacy have its media moment?

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