Spotify has been announcing new features and partnerships at a rapid clip as the online streaming music service faces the ultimate competitor in the form of Apple’s re-staging its Beats Music acquisition as the new Apple streaming music service (Apple Music).

Spotify media rating advanced +2 points or 2 percent at an extreme rating of 89, hitting a new high for the music service.  The brand is also quite strong within 2 peer sectors, Internet Brands where Spotify is ranked #16 (up +10 positions over the prior year) and Online Retailers where the brand is ranked a strong #5 (up +2 positions on the year).   Broad media momentum has been increasing for nearly 6 straight months; current momentum for May/June is up +37 percent.

Besides new features, Spotify announced a massive partnership deal with Starbucks to become the in-store streaming provider for the global chain of coffeehouses. The deal links Spotify users with Starbuck stores, employees and Starbuck Reward holders (10 million users).

Beats Music continues its rating decline, off -1 point or -2 percent at a 53 rating, just a point ahead of the brand’s trailing 12-month average.  The recent Apple announcement that the firm would be debuting its own streaming service using the acquired Beats Music offering had not yet hit the May/June media sweep.  Our July rating update will include full June/July coverage and we should see some up-take for Beats Music.

Any and all coverage during the May/June media periods for Beats Music involved the parent company’s announced Apple Music service, which is essentially a tweaked version of Beats streaming service under the Apple brand. Late to the streaming game, Apple is definitely upsetting the incumbent players who have had the space to themselves for some time now.

There was a welcome turnaround in media momentum as Beats Music halted an 8-month media deficit, turning +43 percent momentum in May/June.