The fight of the century that wasn’t eventually went to Floyd Mayweather, but the media battle clearly tilted in favor of Manny Pacquiao. After the fight the ratings for Mayweather were off -1 point at a 65. Manny Pacquiao’s rating advanced +4 points to 80, nearly 15 points beyond Mayweather’s media position.

Just to put the rating difference in perspective, Manny has the media exposure of a Lamborghini (80 points, off -1 point this month) whereas Mayweather is in the company of an Isuzu (up +2 points at 65).  An 80 point rating in the Fashion Sector puts Pacquiao in the company of Armani (up +1 point at 80) whereas Mayweather’s fashion brand equivalent is Dolce and Gabbana at 65 points.

When it comes to media momentum, the two fighters couldn’t be more different with Mayweather losing all manner of media attention over the preceding 18 months.  At the other corner of the ring, Pacquiao is 2 years into a strong media build-up.  His May/June media rating is 5 points ahead of his trailing 12-month average.

Mayweather may have taken the fight, but the ensuing media battle was decided in Pacquiao’s favor.