For some reason, the term “biological republican” (both of Kasich’s parents were democrats) really struck a chord in my political spine as I read the Wikipedia write-up on John Kasich.  It’s a new take in a crowded GOP field that helps differentiate this particular late-entrant on the Republican ticket.  Again, it may be another way of spinning an independent (or independently-minded) candidate, but it provides a good description of the politics of Mr. Kasich.

The former 2-term Ohio Governor and Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Kasich’s media rating is up +3 points or +5 percent at 62, a new 4-year rating high for the former Governor.  Year-over-year media ratings are up +29 percent with cumulative 4-year rating growth (CUME) at +9 percent.  The later metric seems low for the former Ohio Governor, but it takes into account a rather steep media decline over 2012-2013.


Media momentum is way up (+40%) and consistently trending over the prior 5-month period ending June 2015.  The candidate is well-ahead of his trailing 12-month media performance (54 points) and is driving a little over $500k in media value for June 2015.

It’s not a stretch to envision the candidate moving clear of 70 points in our June/July 2015 media sweep which would put Kasich on equal footing with many of the  leading GOP candidates.  Apparently his late entry and stealth approach was planned (as was Rick Santorum’s this time around).  Letting the dust settle on some of the early entrants along with testing the issue position on the Democratic-side of the race may be a smart approach.  We’ll see how his approach plays-out over the June/July media period when Kasich is expected to formally announce his entry into the race.

Before I forget.  The one definite media weakness this month for Kasich is in the social segments, both broadly across blogs, forums and Twitter, and also across the critical search segment.  His ratings are up in these segments, but his absolute rating positions are relatively low.

I encourage anyone to explore the competitive media landscape for all 60+ candidates in the greater US market on 2016 Presidential Election dashboards.  You can also monitor all the topics, issues and trends shaping the political dialog over the prior 4-year period.  Again, all metrics are refreshed monthly so we can all stay on top of how the media is slicing the ever-increasing candidate pie.