I would not have guessed the TPP legislative effort by President Obama would have gained the media ratings it has over the last 6-months. From a media rating perspective, the Trans-Pacific Partnership rating position remains unchanged this month at a strong 84 points.

Media momentum has been strong over the last quarter as both the Senate and the House have taken up the proposed bill. Momentum metrics are up + 71 percent this month. Debate is strong, the 2016 Presidential hopefuls have all weighted-in heavily on the President’s signature trade deal, and the media has taken every possible angle in dissecting the storyline and its economic and social implications.

It’s quite likely that the final chapter on TPP will push the topic over 88 points as a 4 point gain in this political climate is entirely possible. President Obama desperately needs a major piece of legislation to pass in a lame duck Congress and TPP is the best candidate. The media has definitely given Obama plenty of room to maneuver and his staff are working the broad media trenches to ensure it stays in every editorial agenda.

TPP is only weak in 2 segments: Twitter (63) and Online Search (59). Not surprisingly given the geographic focus in TPP, media coverage in Europe (79) is off the overall top line media rating figure.