Desalination stories are all over the media these days as California’s drought continues into its 4th year   (maybe I left California just in time).   Living in Oregon we’ve escaped much of California’s drought woes, but the effect on California’s residents and greater economy are enormous.

And this is where our desalination story begins.

San Diego County is responding to years of drought with what could be the largest desalination plant in the Northern Hemisphere.  There are currently 13 desalination projects under consideration along the California coast.  As a media topic, desalination is up +7 points or +9 percent at a 71 rating.  But more importantly, desalination is currently ranked 6th out of the 90 topic global science trends (up +9 positions in the sector ranking over the prior month).  The rank metrics are quite astounding as the topic competes with a number of massive global science trends that rarely yield their top-10 ranking.

If/when the drought situation worsens across the West and Southwest regions, topics affected by the drought are sure to gain renewed and expanded media coverage. The topic is also gaining some political legs as pits agribusiness against residential and municipal water usage groups.   Even the construction of desalination plants has created heated discussion in the environmental and energy sectors.