Lyft is now growing its media footprint at a faster clip then its much larger rival, Uber. As anyone following media rating metrics knows, expanding your media prominence when you’re already over 90 points like Uber, is very difficult. But Lyft is maximizing its position within car sharing storylines and social media discussions, generating additional media rating points at the expense of other less prominent car sharing brands.

The media focus throughout the May/June period was on regulatory, legal and ordinance issues affecting car sharing operators. Beyond legal storylines Lyft benefited from two broad media efforts, one involving a large investment from Carl Icahn and the other a critical partnership with Verizon to pre-load Lyft on all Verizon products.

Lyft Media Profile

Lyft is up a healthy +5 points or +7 percent at 72, a new media rating high for the brand. Overall media momentum continues to trail negatively, a trend that began in January this year. Examining the trailing 12-month media trend for Lyft along with the corresponding ebb-and-flow of media momentum, you’ll notice a slight cyclical pattern to the media’s interest in car sharing brands. Momentum begins to increase in June, peaks in July/August, and then recedes during the Fall/Winter months.

Competitive Media Growth Position – Uber and Lyft

Both Lyft and Uber are hitting the same car sharing storyline plateau that began in November 2014. The challenge for Lyft is to breakthrough the crowded news space with a solid David vs. Goliath brand story. Uber will attempt to maintain its 94 point position, but Lyft has amazing growth upside at 72 points.  Uber by the way is not sitting still.

Uber Media Profile

The brand is up +2 points at a still amazing 94 media rating position.  A rating like that puts the brand in some interesting media agendas, i.e. Hillary Clinton (94),  eBay (94), Intel (94), GE (94) and other prominent brands and trends.