We just initiated coverage of Condoleezza Rice, former President George W. Bush’s Secretary of State and now a popular draw on the college and conservative speaking circuit.

Given her close ties to the Bush dynasty, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Rice played some role in the Jeb Bush’s rolling GOP 2016 Presidential media strategy.

And you don’t have to google too much to discover that she’s also been mentioned as a possible candidate for Barbara Boxer’s California Senate seat.  Either role would propel Rice into the media spotlight during a time when the GOP primary will hit full stride.  The GOP would also love to get a Republican into a California Senate position.   Ms. Rice’s current media rating is off -10 points or -22 percent at 48.

Essentially April was not the best media cycle for Condoleezza Rice as there were no over-arching storylines or continuing coverage from the first quarter where her media rating was consistently above 55 points.   Stories are consistently tracking to her speaking engagements across the country.  Overall, Condoleezza Rice has remained relatively quite on the GOP media front, may be waiting for Jeb Bush to formally announce his candidacy?