Jameis Winston, Marcus MariotaWell, the NFL draft is well behind us and we’re on to the NBA playoffs.  But before we say goodbye (which we never do at mediaQuant since the media never rests, even during the off-season), I’d like to provide a glimpse into two of the newest, and probably most visible, additions to the NFL media tornado.

First up is Jameis Winston, the No. 1 2015 NFL draft pick, but not the #1 media rating player brand in the NFL.  That honor goes to Tom Brady, up +4 points or 5 percent at 72.

The former Florida State quarterback went No. 1 this year in the draft and will be wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey when pre-season kicks off in September.  Jameis Winston’s April media rating is off -4 points at 63, reflecting a slight decline after the NFL draft media build-up.  It will be interesting to see where his off-season media rating settles for a first-round draft pick.

No.1 NFL Draft Pick – Jameis Winston


No.2 NFL Draft Pick – Marcus Mariota



A good sector comparison might be the Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback Blake Bortles, who was drafted #3 in 2014 and started every game for the Jaguars.  Bortles media rating spiked during the draft to 46 points, finally settling into a trailing 12-month media rating of 45 for the 2014 period.  Bortles current media rating is up +1 point or 2 percent at 40.  The Jacksonville quarterback’s trailing 12-month media rating (a good indication of his on and off-season media position) is 45 points.

Another interesting comparison can be drawn from the 2012 NFL draft.  It was in February 2012 that two high profile quarterbacks went 1-2, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffith III.  Like Mariota and Winston, Griffin won the Heisman Trophy.   Both Luck and Griffin enjoyed excellent on-field media coverage as starters for their respective NFL teams, although both have parted when it comes to off-season coverage.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of Andrew Luck and RGIII:

Andrew Luck came out of the 2012 NFL draft at 50 points.  Robert Griffin III was close to 65 points during the same period.  From there Griffin has maintained a higher media rating while avoiding off-season media declines.  In comparison, Andrew Luck’s off-season media rating evaporates and any media momentum built during his on-field activities is not carried across to the next season.  Griffin has managed the difficult task of maintaining player brand visibility in both sport-specific media and general media segments.

Returning to the latest NFL draft, there appears to be considerably more media build-up for our latest draftees, Winston and Mariota.  Both garnered similar media ratings during the draft media period in February 2015, hitting  approximately 60 points.

Jameis Winston’s +10 point media rating spike in late 2013 was a combination of two events.  First, State Attorney Willie Meggs of the Second Judicial Circuit opened an investigation into an allegation that Winston had sexually assaulted a classmate.  Second, Jameis Winston was having an amazing season and heading to an eventual BCS  championship 2 months later on January 2014.

Mariota enjoyed a nice media rating run late in 2014 with the Heisman Trophy announcement, although his team was unable to pull-out a BCS championship that year.   Mariota’s current media rating for April is at 58 points, no change over the prior month.