As predicted last month, Rand Paul was the first GOP candidate to eclipse Chris Christie in the media ratings war. Rand Paul is up +4 points or +5% at 87, essentially pulling even with Chris Christie in terms of media rating points.  But if you take a closer look and take into account media momentum and media mentions, he’s slightly ahead Christie.

Chris Christie didn’t sit idle in the April media cycle. He moved ahead +2 points to an 87 rating, but the bulk of his coverage was negative as his former staff was indicted in the New Jersey bridge scandal. The media referenced a number of political pundits who are suggesting that the latest news involving Christie will sink any remaining hopes for a GOP nomination.

Rand Paul on the other hand appears to have weathered a few negative storylines concerning his temper during interviews with female correspondents. Paul’s momentum has continued its 4-month surge, recently hitting a strong +51%.

Rand Paul’s numbers are all moving in the right direction.  Momentum is strong, there’s room for media rating advances at 87 points and his year-over-year media growth is up +24%.  I’ll be covering Rubio and Cruz in separate posts, but let’s just say Rand Paul cannot afford to rest on these advances as Rubio, Walker, and Cruz are doubling their media efforts and showing equally strong momentum going into May 2015.