This is going to be a very short post.

Ben Carson, last month’s high-flyer, is now finding the media a little less receptive to his presidential aspirations given the increasingly crowded GOP race. ¬†Carson’s media rating is off -9 points or 11 percent at 65.

Media momentum has all but evaporated (now at near zero) and he’s crept into the moderate media rating zone along with recently announced GOP candidate Carly Fiorina (up +2 points or 4 percent at 62).

Mainstream coverage and social media discussions were all over the April media landscape, with no discernable messaging agenda coming out of the Carson campaign camp. The candidate was also hurt by mistimed comments aimed at Baltimore parents and their “unruly kids” along with being “uninvited” by group of Baptists preachers at their annual meeting. ¬†As the race for the White House gets going in earnest, it will be interesting to see if the media pays much attention to the fringe elements in the GOP primary.