We’re just completing the end-of-month May data refresh across the mediaQuant catalog and I thought I provide a sample of the new additions to our expanding tracking catalog. Remember, subscribers get access to all 40+ market sectors, all brands, trends and influencers – both reports and full data access.  As always, our media engine compiles data across 20+ global media segments (10,000+ sources), including traditional, social and search metrics.

New Brands

We’re adding a few professional athlete brands to help build-out our athlete brand sector.  Two golfers along with two NFL players.

  • Lydia Ko (Golf)
  • Jordan Spieth (Golf)
  • Julian Edelman (NFL)
  • Jameis Winston (NFL)
  • Aducanumab
  • Opdivo (Nivolumab)
  • Gravity Payments
  • Opdivo (Nivolumab)
  • iHeart Radio
  • Jon Stewart

New Trends

There’s no single theme to this month’s trend additions.  We’re addressing consistent media drumming on both the paleo and macrobiotic diet trends.  Also, three elder-focused healthcare trends are showing considerable media attention – end of life care, physician assisted suicide and the broader elder care topic.  And with the announcement that sanctions are being lifted against Cuba, we’ve added U.S. – Cuba Relations to our U.S. Political sector coverage.  And finally, patient privacy is becoming increasing important as healthcare becomes more-and-more digital.

And with the increasing coverage around police brutality and racial profiling, we’re adding a topic that is both disturbing, but needs good reporting and media tracking – police brutality.

  • Paleo Diet
  • Indoor Tanning
  • Macrobiotic Diet
  • End of Life Care
  • Physician Assisted Suicide
  • Elder Care
  • U.S. – Cuba Relations
  • Human Germline Modification
  • Patient Privacy
  • Police Brutality

New Influencers

We’ve added Condoleezza Rice as the 2016 Presidential race gets under full swing and the media has shown some interest in her possible role in on the GOP ticket.  Ms. Rice has also become more vocal on foreign affairs and domestic issues where her prior experience serving under President Bush can provide the media with an insider view.

  • Condoleezza Rice

May 2015 data (reflecting April 1 – 31 media cycle) will be available shortly across our 3,000+ brands, trends and influencers, including our new entity additions.  If you have any additions or suggested areas for coverage, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback via the comment section.  We’re particularly interested in new athletes entering their respective professional sport via college or feeder team pipelines.   Frequently these athletes have no media signal and below the radar insights are greatly appreciated :-)