Apparently, the popularity of a blog post is entirely the result of a clever and carefully crafted headline. Well, there’s my headline for this soon to go viral blog post.

May be not.

But viral or not, we’re tracking a trend that underlies much of the ebb and flow of the wearables market.   It’s a kind of behavioral trend – the Quantified Self.  If there’s a leading indicator for the wearables market, this could be the topic.

The Quantified Self topic is up +7 points or +17 percent at a 44 rating.  The trend is far from being a leading topic in the technology or mobility sectors, but its slow decline over the preceding 18 months may raise some concern for brands competing in the wearables sector.

The latest increase in April is somewhat deceptive, and can be traced to the fitness capabilities and reviews originating from the Apple Watch announcement earlier in the year.  Collecting or monitoring data about the individual wearing a device is a fundamental feature of wearable product.  If you remove the most recent April rating increase from the broader rating trend, the quantified self topic is clearly declining.

Does this mean media interest in wearables is declining.  Not entirely.  It looks like the media is moving beyond the behavioral aspect of these devices to an “accessory” and/or communications product.  Wearables are now a platform, or an accessory, and not just a device for collecting your vitals.  But its a key topic to monitor if you’re in the wearables or mobile market.