I found Carly Fiorina’s announcement came as a little bit of a surprise, but not former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  We’ve been tracking both political aspirants as part of our broader 2016 Presidential Race media analytics and it’s nice to see neither disappointedd – and finally, and formally, declaring their candidacy.

Huckabee is ranked #13 in the 2016 Candidate Sector, up +3 positions over the prior month, and up +13 positions over the prior year.  Fiorina is currently ranked 25th in the 2016 Candidate Sector, no change from her prior month position.

Even with the latest GOP candidate announcements, the two front runners (according to some of the latest polls), Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, have yet to formally announce their respective candidacies.

Where exactly are these late comers to the GOP media ratings race?

Let’s start with the only female on the GOP ticket Carly Fiorina, who’s current media rating is up +2 points or 4 percent at 62.  It’s hard to forget that Fiorina got a thrashing in the during the McCain/Palin fiasco in 2008 after campaigning for McCain she inadvertently stated that both McCain and Palin weren’t qualified to run for office.  McCain’s campaign official was then quoted, “Carly will now disappear”.

Well, apparently, she’s back.

Fiorina has come from almost nowhere in terms of media rating value, essentially doubling her media prominence over the prior year (media rating is up +102% year-over-year).

Coverage has tended to focus on her business background, prior political aspirations after leaving HP and her position on political issues.  Overall, the media has been quite harsh and critical, with an emphasis on her struggles at HP, failed bid to unseat Senator Barbara Boxer in California and a disastrous effort to support McCain in 2008 against Obama.

Fiorina’s media momentum is strong at +67% for April 2015, building on nearly 12 months of continuous positive media build.  Nearly a single decline over the prior 12-month period, showing her sector lagging media rating is not a result of effort.

As for the socially conservative, fiscally populous Mike Huckabee, he’s bouncing back after 3-year post 2012 election media rating slide.  Huckabee is showing strong media momentum, up +58% with 4 consecutive months of positive media development.


Huckabee’s current media rating is up+1 point or 2 percent at 71.  Year-over-year media rating change is +32% with a moderate CUME value of +13%.  The Huckabee political brand still has plenty of media pull and it’s likely the candidate will move beyond 75 points as his campaign becomes more aggressive and directed towards the other leading candidates.

I’ll be updating the media rating positions of the players in the increasingly crowded GOP field, but for now we have to new participants in the GOP primary race.