The media rating for Cyberwarfare is up +7 points or +10 percent at 77 as the Pentagon in April took a major step designed to instill a measure of fear in potential cyberadversaries, releasing a new strategy that for the first time explicitly discusses the circumstances under which cyberweapons could be used against an attacker, and naming the countries it says present the greatest threat: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

The resulting media coverage was extensive and continued to propel the popular media topic across all media segments.

The media build for Cyberwarfare is quite interesting.  After a period of nominal media coverage through early 2012, the topic drew considerable media attention when a series of cyber threats and counter-threats were launch by Israel and Iran.  Without hesitation, the United States got into the mix and the media volumes soon followed.

The topic advanced nearly 40 points over the subsequent 8 month period as each country continued to make statements about another country’s cyberwarfare efforts.

Momentum is rebuilding after the initial surge and then decline in 2014.  The most recent announcement and resulting media spike could renew media interest and lift the cyberwarfare topic further.

Among all trends and topics in the U.S. Political Trends Sector, Cyberwarfare is a definite standout.  Up +7 points over the prior month and +41% over the prior 4-year period (CUME/Cumulative Weighted Growth), the topic has out-pacing other trends in the sector.