I’m not predicting the media demise of something as promotionally successful as the Apple Watch, but the consumer electronics product from Apple is topping out on the media rating front at 85 points.  The brand is off its January high of 89 and has been slowly losing media momentum ever since. The brand is currently off -1 point at an 85 topline media rating, which puts the Apple Watch on equal media footing with HTC, also at 85 points.

April coverage for the Apple Watch was typical for a post announcement consumer electronics product – reviews and first impressions.  And the brand generated almost its entire 85 rating position on review-related stories and social media impressions from initial users.

To see if there’s any softening in the Apple Watch, a quick look into the Smartwatch trend (and broader Wearable Technology trend) can shed light on the health of the coverage.  The Smartwatch trend is up +2 points at a very strong 89 rating.  The broader Wearables trend, which includes additional devices and technologies beyond just watches, is down -3 points or -4 percent at 76.  Obviously the Apple Watch has helped focus the Wearables coverage on the Smartwatch topic.  But it’s hard to deny that both topics are the darlings in the tech media channel these days.