Not even available in the North America or Europe, the record breaking sales of Xiaomi with its latest Mi smartphones are grabbing global headlines, and the brand’s latest media rating numbers, up +1 point or 2 percent at 83, attest to the firm’s solid media showing this month.

That month-over-month increase and very strong current media rating metric of 83 misses the real media analytic story. Xiaomi is driving an almost unprecedented 4-year CUME growth rate of +33 percent.  I can’t recall a brand – without sales in North America or Europe – driving that kind of media growth across predominantly English-language publications and social media channels.

Continuing media growth and and the latest rating increase are due to a combination of new product announcements and a significant geographic expansion into India.  New product introductions have been the main story and are continuing to attract media coverage and build momentum.

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