The media may have grown a little tired of Ted Cruz’s contrarian rhetoric in 2014, but with the 2016 GOP primary in full swing, the media has returned to Mr. Cruz for his pension for fiery speeches and caustic Obama commentary.  For April 2015 (March media coverage) Ted Cruz is up +4 to a media rating of 80 and the #7 rank position in the 2016 Presidential Contenders sector.

Ted Cruz’ meida numbers are simply a story of recent improvement.  Media momentum is at +60% this month, continuing a 7-month string of advancing media volume.  Any decline in coverage has been strongly offset by a greater volume of advancing media attention.  There was noticeable decline one year prior in March 2014, and it wasn’t until September 2014 where coverage began to pick-up again.

The media apparently can take its pick of controversial GOP candidates these days.  Let’s take some of the major March coverage drivers for Ted Cruz.  There’s the simple announcement that he’s running for president.  Along with Mark Rubio (71), Ted Cruz pulled significant coverage related to the Indiana religious freedom law maelstrom and subsequent fall-out across the media landscape.  I’ll omit the quotes, but the media was hungry to hear from supporters of the unpopular law and they got their pony in Cruz and Rubio who didn’t disappoint or contradict their position the topic of same-sex marriage (90) and freedom of religion (89).

The media variation bands (noted in grey) around his media rating metric is small, suggesting his coverage has been consistent and absent of the typical event-driven spikes that accompany many aspiring political figures.

Ted Cruz is still not pulling the social media numbers that would elevate his social media traction position to a moderate level.  The numbers are moving in the right direction, but as of April 2015, he is still trailing in social media channels.

Overall, Cruz is ranked #7 across all our tracked U.S. Presidential Candidates, and tied with Scott Walker (up +1 point @ 80) for the #3 position among GOP contenders, behind Rand Paul (down -2 @ 83) and Chris Christie (down -2 @ 85).  Both Walker and Cruz hit 4-year media rating highs this month at 80 points.

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