First Gay Wedding Show In ParisWith the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on the possible historic decision involving Same Sex Marriage, I thought it would be revealing to see how this topic has performed in the media.  We’ve addressed this trend before, but the pending arguments before the Supreme Court make the topic highly, well, topical.

Where has the media rating been on this topic over the prior 4-year?

Same sex marriage is hitting a media rating of 90 points during the March media cycle, no change from the prior month and up +1% over the prior year. 90 points places same sex marriage in the Extreme rating quadrant.   Looking more long-term, cumulative growth over the prior 4-years is +2%.  Media momentum is climbing and current at +29%.  There is a fair amount of coverage variability with a considerable downward spike during July 2013, then returning to a run-rate of 86 points through the remaining report periods.  The topic is currently ranked #12, up 1 position over the prior month.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional media momentum from April’s numbers as this week’s arguments continue to gain speed and momentum all on their own.  Speaking of momentum, the topic has been steadily gaining momentum over prior 9 months.  It would not be a stretch to see same sex marriage blow through its May 2013 high of 92 points.