I’ve been watching the media rating cycle for Rand Paul and it comes down to, it’s taken awhile.

2014 saw a definite plateau in media coverage for the GOP presidential hopeful, but Rand Paul is now posting solid media rating numbers in traditional and social media channels.  Always striking a somewhat controversial position in his party, Rand Paul is off -1 point or 2 percent at a strong 83 media rating position this month.

Most of his current 83 rating is the cumulative coverage on his libertarian policy roots, as the media is constantly looking for soundbites that punch through the typical party positions on foreign affairs, climate, environment, healthcare and taxes.

Mr. Rand did announce he would be announcing his formal run for President in April.  It’s strange that these non-announcing announcements draw as much coverage as they do.    But the media frenzy has begun in earnest with all the top candidates are jockeying for the best date to announce their candidacy.


It’s hard not to notice the level of coverage attributed to his direct attacks on President Obama.  Like his father Paul Rand, the media likes to use his policy positions as a rebuttal-like sounding board for current decisions coming from the White House.  And the soundbites do tend to lift him above bellow GOP contenders.  The media gets to address to birds with one media stone: better define Rand Paul, and address a current White House action.  The Iran nuclear (up +4 points or 5 percent at 87)  negotiations is a perfect example and provided a platform for Paul Rand on foreign intervention and a relationship with Iran and Israel.

And lest we forget the one media outlier in March courtesy of Mr. Rand – an announcement that he will be introducing federal medicinal marijuana legislation (off -3 points or 3 percent at 78)!  Wow.  The GOP gets another wake-up call from a party hopeful and the media finds another reason to cover Rand Paul.  Whether his statement will help propel him in the polls is TBD, but his pension for extreme GOP positions is a lightening rod in the media.

The coverage levels on the proposed medicinal marijuana bill kept his media rating from dropping further then -1 points.  He is currently ranked #5 across all the entire field running in 2016, off -1 position over the prior month.

From a media perspective, Paul Rand ranked #3 just behind Chris Christie (off -2 points or 3 percent at 85) and tied with Mitt Romney, up +3 points at 83, who decided to withdraw from the GOP ticket.