There are only a few domestic and global political figures that are driving higher media rating numbers then Hillary Clinton these days.  The former first lady’s media rating is up +5 points or 6 percent at 93.

Globally, Mrs. Clinton is ranked #8 across our top line media segment (which consists of both traditional, social and search media segments). Amongst the 2016 Presidential hopefuls, Hillary Clinton is ranked a clear No. 1, well above her fellow democrats and ahead of the GOP contenders, both announced and those still “testing the waters”.

Hillary Clinton’s trailing 12-month top line media rating has been consistent at 90 points, with three noticeable spikes (Jan 2013, Benghazi and blood clot surgery storylines; June 2014, new memoir and interviews; Mar 2015, email controversy).  Each spike lasted 1-3 months and came with a 3-5 point media rating gain.  Cumulative growth, or weighted growth over 4-years, is up +2 percent, again, supporting the consistent media rating build in the Hillary Clinton brand.

Momentum is off -9 percent this month as the media works its way through the email storyline that occupied much of February and March Clinton coverage.  The GOP helped keep the story fresh whenever the Republican presidential hopefuls were asked about their democratic rivals. Media momentum also took at hit as the broader media was anticipating an official run-for-president announcement, which did not materialize with speculation that timing was not ideal given the congressional inquiry into the former First Lady’s use of private email for official State Department business.

The real take-a-way this month is not the media’s appetite for controversy during an election run-up, but the dominant media position Hillary Clinton occupies across all media segments.  There are few if any coverage gaps during a period when the GOP is shuffling their deck of primary candidates.