Steadily declining coverage for Apple TV took a turn for the better (up +14  points or 17 percent at 81) as the company made a pre-announcement that it would be revamping the Apple TV platform this summer with a emphasis on expanding its reach into TV-based streaming services.  The underlying media trend (Internet TV) is  up +5 or 8 percent at 80.  In some ways, Apple has re-ignited the media’s appetite for the promise of Internet TV where there has been a wave of streaming service announcements and related content partnerships this month.

After a nice introduction in 2011, the Apple TV brand looked like it was on its way to a 80+ media rating position.  Nice price point, embraced initially in media reviews, etc.  But the product and related brand fell-out of favor with media and mid-way through 2012 the product’s media position began a slow spiral into media obscurity, at least relative to Apple’s parent brand ().   Looking back over the last 4-years, there has been no shortage of momentum triggers that were unable to take hold.  This month’s sharp rating increase and resulting momentum trigger might provide enough media momentum (currently at +28%) to bridge to the anticipated Apple TV product re-introduction in June.

You can’t talk about Apple TV and streaming Internet content without mentioning Netflix (No Change at a strong 95 media rating for March 2015).

The Netflix brand has benefited form a number of storylines related storylines, i.e. cord-cutting, streaming content deals and ongoing net neutrality (off -2 points or 3 percent at 80) topic.

The streaming, content, cord-cutting and Internet TV trends are all intersecting and then diverging, providing a highly dynamic media landscape for the affected brands.  Comcast (up +2 or 2 percent at 91) and Hulu (up +6 or 7 percent at 78) are interesting case studies, illustrating how to strong brands are fighting to stay relevant in the changing media tides.


Comcast spent the better part of 2014 in the shadow net neutrality coverage.  But after the FCC made its decision to embrace net neutrality and the White House through its support behind the movement, the topic lost its momentum and Comcast really didn’t offer the media much to talk about.  The result?  Comcast’s media is off -2 percent over last year and CUME growth is only +1 percent.


Here’s a peak into the media performance of Hulu, a brand greatly influenced by the shifting forces swirling around the changes in cable and television broadcast.  The brand missed a media opportunity in late 2013 and appears to be on the receiving end of other media making brands and technology developments.  With a negative CUME value (-1%) and low media momentum (+3%), Hulu is not rocking the media growth quadrant these days.  It’s an alternative television viewing service; but the emphasis is on the word “alternative”.