The fashion brand Proenza Schouler, led by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, was already getting quite a bit of positive press for February’s fashion run-up in Paris and New York. But it was the Grammy’s and Beyonce that gave the brand the media spotlight it deserved.

The Proenza Schouler is up +7 or 14% at 54 points for going into March after recently debuting a custom dress for Beyonce at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Beyonce, up +4 points at 87 during for the media period instantly propelled the brand given her current media rating in the mediaQuant Celebrity Brand Sector.

Proenza Schouler kicked off the media period at the Whitney Museum during this year’s Fashion Week with excellent media coverage its new line that focused more on “cut” then last year’s fabric focus.

And how is the long term rating picture for the fashion brand?

Momentum has not caught up to the recent February media spike.  the noticeable declines over the winter period (November – January) erased much 2014’s media momentum (notice the nice ramp-up in blue).  The brand hit a 4-year high (54) and is up both on the month and year-over-year media numbers.

Overall, Proenza is not coming from relative media obscurity from the looks of things. Two great marketing moves into February garnered envious media attention and March is shaping up nicely with a new viral film focused on some young “reality looking” fashion models talking about what’s cool in its target demographic, i.e. cool, young and fashion attentive women. A great mix of ethnic backgrounds and edgy young women with a flaw or two (if you can even call it that) is definite viral material.

The media opportunity for Proenza Schouler is quite simple.  Maintain the hard-fought media gains from February.  The gain resulting form more then one media catalyst and competing brands were not able to secure the same media attention.

I like to include a little contrast when focusing on a single brand.  Here’s a quick look at two additional fashion brands competing in the same sector, both with very different media rating trajectories.  First there’s Armani, a top fashion up +2 points at a 79 media rating.  Notice the 4-year media rating deterioration for the Armani brand.

In sharp contrast is the Michael Kors brand, still igniting the fashion world after its public market debut,  MK is also up +2 points at 79, but the long term trend and media momentum behind the two brands couldn’t be more different.

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