John Cusack, up +16 points or 24 percent at 67 media rating, leveraged two divergent media storylines to boost his current media coverage to a new high.

First, Mr. Cusack’s was conspicuously missing from the sequel to the surprisingly popular Hot Tub Time Machine.

The reason for his absence became THE story itself.  Was he intentionally left off the sequel, or did he decide that he’s too much of a serious actor to take on the sequel?  The media ran with both options and the the director and the actor gave their interpretations.  Nice PR move on the part of Paramount Pictures who are distributing the sequel.

John Cusack as a media brand is riding a nice high coming out of the February/March media period.

Momentum is up +23 and the 4-year media rating trajectory is consistently moving the brand to a 70-point range.   There was also the little media story Julianne Moore’s new moving, Maps to the Stars,  co-staring John Cusack.  Right on the heels of Julianne Moore’s (up +2 points at 74) recent Academy Award for best Actress in Still Alice, the release of Maps to the Stars in February was a brilliant move, although somewhat of a gamble given Ms. Moore might not have take the best actress award.

But the news continued!  Yes.  John Cusack is to co-star with Paul Dano as the reclusive songwriter Brian Wilson in the biopic Love & Mercy moving directed by Bill Pohlad (12 Years a Slave and The Tree of Life).

From a mediaQuant rating perspective, gaining +16 points or a 24 percent increase in media visibility is difficult in the Artist and Entertainer Sector; but combining a new movie release, co-staring with the recently announced Best Actress Academy Award winner Julianne Moore, and then adding some controversy around a cult-favorite movie like Hot Tub Time Machine, it all makes for a great media fodder.

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