While Tesla is sweating the final stretch on it’s end-of-year car production totals (shooting for 33,000), we’ve already got the brand’s end-of-year media performance report! The ground-breaking auto brand is up +1 pt. on the January 2015 media coverage, having closed out 2014 with a strong trailing 12-month media rating also of 83.  We’ve been tracking Tesla along with 58 brands in the Auto Category for 4 years now and Tesla is a definite standout.

But our numbers are beginning to show some signs of a media rating plateau for Tesla brand.  Not the Media Rating chart below and the accompanying media momentum trend chart.  The later supports the general idea that the media rating plateau may be here for awhile.  Again, an 83 media rating is amazing for such a new brand in a very crowded brand category.

There was a great article in the NY Times today on Tesla’s recent efforts in China.  The brand has not sold well and the president of Tesla China has been removed.  Apparently the company only sold 120 cars in Q4 in China…and China is not a small market for luxury sedans!  It’s not hard to see why.  But Dan Levin at the Times does a great job of navigating the circumstances surrounding Tesla’s poor showing the Chinese market.