Since January 2013, Genentech has been posting strong media ratings, ending the brand’s nearly 2-year slide from a high of 64 points to a low of 50 in 2013. The brand is still struggling amidst a tough and media-savvy group of pharma companies, but they’ve rebounded nicely in the last 2 years. CUME growth (a measure of cumulative media growth over 4-years) near zero suggests that the last 2 years have essentially erased the poor-performing media period of 2012-2013.

Genentech 4-Year Media Rating

Genentech earns media rating of 61 for February 2015.

While the Roche (77 points) parent company made a number of drug and FDA announcements over latest media reporting period, it was Genentech’s announced partnership with 23andMe that secured its current media rating for February of 61 points.  The two companies are collaborating in an effort to find additional genetic markers underlying patients with Parkinson’s disease (-1 pt @67).

23andMe is a media lightening rod, both for its controversial genetic testing kit service  along with the CEO’s relationship with Sergey Brin (they’re married).

Interestingly, the whole human genome  trend is still losing media ground (CUME growth down -4%), although there is still momentum within the trend itself.

The genetic testing company, 23andMe, has been growing its relationship with pharma lately while it continues to struggle with FDA-related approvals.  In the same reporting period 23andMe announced an agreement with Pfizer (+1 pt @82) to help tackle inflammatory bowel disease (NC @61 points).

Roche is gambling heavy on genetic-driven drug development.  The 2009 acquisition of Genentech was just the beginning.  The company made another bet in January, acquiring Foundation Medicine for close to $1 billion in stock and cash.   These acquisitions and recent partnerships are positioning both the parent company and Genentech to leverage the huge opportunity in the human genome.