Having two wonderful kids of my own along with being a child of the technology era myself, I read with fascination Susan Pinker’s story in the NY Times, “Can Students Have Too much Tech?”. Teenagers are a prime demographic for many tech companies, particularly social media providers as these “children” foretell many tech adoption trends across broader audiences.

I quickly pulled up the Teens and Children Sector dashboard and drilled into Children and Social Media topic/trend.  Sure enough, it just hit a new high this month.  Apparently the NY Times is on to something, and in particular, the author Susan Pinker.

I’ve taken the Children and Social Networks trend to illustrate the increased media attention on the trend.

There was a sharp momentum trigger in October 2014 that has sparked the most recent (and continuing) increase in media attention on this trend.  The media rating plateau (80 – 82 pts.) may just have been removed with the trend moving in the mid-to-high 80’s.

Currently ranked #6 within its respective and competitive category, Children and Social Networks (and technology in general) is a hot trend with plenty of media momentum entering the 2015 media cycle.