You can’t say mediaQuant didn’t get an early start on the 2016 Presidential race.

54 presidential hopefuls!  Wow.  We decided to get an early jump on the 2016 race given how much is up for grabs with the Republicans strong showing in the mid-terms. Many of the contenders are already in our catalog as part of the prior election cycle, along with Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden due to their current efforts on the world leadership front (we’re also expanding our coverage in our World Leaders Category).

Here’s what the December 2014/January 2015 media landscape looks like today – from a Media Signal rank perspective:

These rankings are just a short glimpse into what can be explored within the full mediaQuant dashboards (and print reports).  The tables above illustrate our focused landscape read on top hopefuls for the 2016 Presidential Election. What do these numbers mean?

The rankings with high/low/close metrics are just one element within the Media Landscape Dashboard.  Beyond the rankings are gainers, losers, top media value candidates and prospective candidates building the most media momentum.  Yes, we can calculate both dollar media values and media momentum across our entire catalog of trends, brands and influencers.  This wasn’t possible without a comprehensive catalog, since context (how big is the media pond you’re swimming in) and comparative performance (how many fish/and what size) are in the pond with you.

We’ve got all the fish for the 2016 election, although I’ll be the first to admit that there are probably a few lurking in the deep-end just waiting for the Iowa caucus.