What can a celebrity gain from a TrendTopics view into their media prominence?

This is exactly the question we asked before committing to an aggressive build-out on a new Entertainment and Celebrity Category.

Just about every celebrity we’re coding into our mediaQuant engine is represented by some type of celebrity/performer agency, and sometimes more then one agency is involved.  We wouldn’t expect a celebrity themselves to be interacting with our dashboards (although it would be cool if George Clooney was a regular user of our data).  Rather, their respective agent of representative would be highly motivated to monitor and compare their client’s media activity and respective media impact.

Remember, these “brands” all competing media attention.  How they get that attention is typically through how they ply their trade – movies, music, theater, stage, etc.  But how much media attention is generated by those performances and post-performance interactions with the media is where mediaQuant comes in handy.

We’re looking forward to the expanding catalog of celebrity brands in our catalog.  With the upcoming January data refresh our Knowledge Engineers have committed to 300+ top artist, entertainers and celebrity brand additions.  It should be an fascinating new category that artists representatives can use to explore the comparative media performance within their client markets.