The current President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff (NC points @78), found herself in the media spotlight as protests erupted across Brazil in late 2014.

The media is closely following developments in Brazil to see if the popular revolts across the Middle East are somehow igniting brewing discontent in other regions.

While the issues underlying the riots in Brazil are drastically different from those affecting the Middle East, the media affects are strikingly similar, with disturbing coverage of government forces confronting rioters, maps showing how and where protests are spreading, along with how other countries are responding to the conflict.

The media response in October last year showed Rousseff’s Media Signal hitting a 4-year high at 84 points.  The current Media Signal values are more in-line with the  President’s 12-month average (77).  Here’s Dilama Rousseff’s current media performance summary:

The metric news here is the building media momentum behind the re-elected President of Brazil (+71%).   This is one of the stronger momentum figures among her Worldwide Leader Category peers.  Speaking of peers, her rank position remained unchanged from the prior month, although Rousseff gained one position over her position in 2014.