If you guessed Johnny Manziel, you know your athlete brand endorsements!

What you probably didn’t know was his media performance over the last 4-years and how it compares within the greater professional athlete endorsement landscape.

What kind of media attention has “Johnny Football” (apparently now a trademark term) pulled during the off-season? How has his media momentum fared over the last few years as we look towards the Fall football ramp-up.

For the endorsed brand companies, you should all take notice of a few very important media facts.  Johnny Manziel is showing amazing media growth.  And although he’s coming off a historical base that tends to skew the growth figures going back over 2 years, the brand’s more recent media growth and resulting trajectory are also quite strong (+10 points over the prior month and +30% over the prior 3-month period).

Manziel is also in the envious position of having just hit a new media high this month along with leaping past at least 10% of competing athlete brands (which is how we score a “fast mover” title).

Johnny Manziel is also generating over $5 million in media value for the current month, and a not to shabby $12 million over the trailing 12-month period.  All that coverage from a quarterback who has not seen a single professional game yet!

If you’re a company with an Johnny Manziel endorsement deal, you should be feeling pretty comfortable that even during the  off-season the athlete is generating considerable media exposure for his brand, which should translate into additional traction for the products and services he’s representing – we’re talking about you Nike, Nissan, Snickers and others.

Since we have a lot of TrendSignal media metrics on competing athlete brands, let’s see how Johnny Manziel’s 61 TrendSignal stacks up in his peer group.  We know his growth numbers put him in the leading media growth quadrant, but how does he rank compared to other NFL athlete brands?

First, his media growth quadrant position (among other NFL athletes):

And Johnny Manziel is now #2 on the NFL media ranking this month, just behind a still media popular Michael Sam.   Note that I just listed the top-30+ NFL athletes.  Our full dashboards and accompanying monthly reports contain the full rank listing for the NFL Player category (along with our other 40 tracking categories).

You can get the full media performance details on Johnny Manziel along with 100’s of other athlete brands via our dashboards and monthly TrendSignal reports.