Sometimes we forget that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in the tech products we use everyday.  From massive Google datacenters  to the massively parallel processing centers underlying voice recognition apps and the ubiquitous mapping programs.

Even at TrendTopics we’re deploying some cool technology.

Let’s take the new dashboards.  The interface is based on a product out of Seattle called Tableau.  It’s a powerful data mining and data exploration tool that includes the ability to “author” dashboards.  We needed a web-based interface into our growing TrendSignal metrics and Tableau was the ideal solution.

We’ve only scratched the surface regarding what the tool can do.  Our goal is two-fold with Tableau: provide a very accessible interface to our data for the casual, check-some-metrics, user.  You need to assess the current media position of a trend breaking in the news.  One click and you’re an expert in the media metrics for that trend.  We’re really close to realizing that goal.  The second part is more ambitious.  We’re creating a Bloomberg-style terminal interface to all media market activity.  Think of trends, topics, stories, brands, influencers and organizations as stocks.

You can get a preview of where we’re heading with our beta dashboards here.  Kick the tires since there’s nothing you can break with these dashboards.

While Tableau is the window into our data, behind that window is a series of storage and data analysis technologies that I’m still trying to fully appreciate.  And we’re in the process of moving to an entirely different platform that will take our data from monthly cycles to real time.  We’re very excited about our current platform along with our migration targets on the backend.

For our early users, I’m very grateful for your patience.  We strive to get our end-of-month data refresh completed within 5 days of month close.  We’re pretty close, but occasionally we’ve overshot our our target.  Our new platform should completely address this issue.  But overall, our data refresh has been remarkably on time given the variables involved.