Moving into Super Bowl Sunday this weekend we’ve got a great opportunity to see how the NFC and AFC champions stack up against each other on TrendSignal scores and media value. First up, the slight favorite going into the game, the Seattle Seahawks (+8 @ 64 TrendSignal pts.).



Despite a -6 point drop in December, the Denver Broncos are also enjoying a strong TrendSignal of 61 points.

We’ve reported on the corresponding team quarterbacks during the playoff series a few weeks ago, but it might be worth repeating the comparison between Peyton Manning (+1 @ 68 pts.) of the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson (+12 @ 59 pts.) of the Seattle Seahawks.  If pressed to pick sides, I’m a Seahawks fan having spent my early childhood in the Seattle area.

A segment from within our head-to-head comparison dashboard view shows …

Even with a lower TrendSignal, Russell Wilson’s sudden rise in the media has drawn considerably more media value dollars versus Peyton Manning.  There is typically a strong correlation between rank change and media value as sudden shifts in ranking among athlete brands trigger considerable media frenzy, which can quickly translate into a boost in media value.