I believe it was about a year ago that were raving how Tiger Woods (+7 @ 74 TrendSignal points) generated the equivalent of nearly a third of Nike’s (+3 @ 91 pts.) earned media value. An amazing statistic for a single athlete and a top sports brand.

It’s now equally amazing just how far Tiger Woods has declined off his 2010 peak of 91 TrendSignal points. Of course, pro golf rankings fluctuate with each passing tournament, but given Tiger Woods’ exalted place in the Nike athlete brand line-up, his media decline should be of concern to Nike marketing.

Tiger Woods TrendSignal

We’re also tracking Nike Golf (-2 @ 39 pts.) as a breakout brand along with an expanding list of top professional golfers, such as Phil Mickelson (-15 @39 pts.).

Nike Golf Brand Media TrendSignal

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