Let’s talk about NBA point guard Russell Westbrook for a minute, just in terms of media value.

The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard  took another hit to his knee and it looks like he’s out until the All-Star break in late February.

Although his trailing 12-month TrendSignal averaged 37 points, placing him in a somewhat laggardly #29 rank in his peer NBA category, his injury pulled considerable media attention given his pivotal position with the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise.  Russell Westbrook’s current TrendSignal is now 57 points, up +21 over the prior month and +27 over the prior year. His peer-ranking is #7.

Extraordinary is all I can say from a media perspective.

The TrendSignal timeline for Westbrook shows a stellar 2013/14 season opener with solid momentum building after the opening in November/December 2013.  There are only 4 active NBA players performing better then Westbrook this month on baseline TrendSignal – LeBron James (+2 @ 73 pts.) , Kobe Bryant (+3 @ 64 pts.), Dwyane Wade (+5 @58 pts.) and Carmelo Anthony (+14 @ 58 pts.).  From a media perspective, Carmelo Anthony came out of nowhere to hit 58 points!