We’re down to the final 8 teams heading into the 19th week of the NFL season.  To my delight, my old home team is in the running – the San Francisco 49ers (+13 @ 78 TrendSignal pts.).  But the Carolina Panthers (+2 @ 56 TrendSignal pts.) crushed them earlier in the season and it’s either payback or pack-your-bags for my beloved Bay Area team (who by the way, will start next season in a new stadium!).

But on to the post-season teams and their respective media performance.  Exactly how did these teams perform as brands?

Here are the current TrendSignal timelines from the 8 remaining post-season teams heading into the divisional playoffs this weekend (note that we track all the teams in the NFL along with the other professional sport leagues at the TrendTopics.com site…checkout the new dashboards and our latest reports:

  • San Francisco 49ers:  +13 @ 78 TrendSignal pts.
  • Carolina Panthers: +2 @ 56 pts.
  • Seattle Seahawks: +8 @ 64 pts.
  • New Orleans Saints: +22 @ 75 pts.
  • Indianapolis  Colts: -2 @ 70 pts.
  • New England Patriots: -16 @ 61 pts.
  • San Diego Chargers: +6 @ 52 pts.
  • Denver Broncos: -6 @ 61 pts.
NFL Team TrendSignal Performance

It’s always interesting to see how the divisional playoff quarterbacks performed in the media over the same time period. Checkout the TrendTopics reports and dashboards for a full rundown on the corresponding media value of both the teams and players in this year’s bid for Superbowl XLVIII!  We’ve also got the rest of the league covered in terms of key player media tracking and media value analytics going back through nearly 4-years of play.

  • Drew Brees (Saints):2 @ 50 TrendSignal pts.
  • Russel Wilson (Seahawks): +12 @ 59 pts.
  • Colin Kaepernick (49ers): +1 @ 47 pts.
  • Cam Newton (Panthers): +15 @ 57 pts.
  • Andrew Luck (Colts): -3 @ 60 pts.
  • Tom Brady (Patriots): -2 @ 66 pts.
  • Peyton Manning (Broncos): +1 @ 68 pts.
NFL Quarterback TrendSignal Performance

Now it’s up to these quarterbacks to lead their respective team to some on-field wins!  Let the games begin.