Looking at the trendline for Graphene (+1 @ 68 TrendSignal pts.) is a education in the key phases of most successful and long-lived trends.  From initial media hype and potential to post-hype media fall-off, then recovery from the trough to sustained and more moderated media coverage.  Graphene hit all these phases and is still showing strong media prominence.

I won’t go into the science behind graphene, but its an amazing result of advanced material science research that has far-reaching industrial and product applications.  Gigaom provides a great overview for the layman here.

Notice the momentum over the last 2-years in the TrendSignal timeline chart.  The lack of spikes is not necessarily a negative.  The full TrendSignal performance, momentum and current month media value are shown in the following chart.  Graphene also hit a critical media coverage milestone, having matched its initial media build-up high of 68 pts.  this month!