We’ve been watching the coverage of Big Data (+1 @ 87 TrendSignal pts.)  within the Technology Trends category for over 4 years now and the trend has finally hit a media plateau.  Interest from all media segments has dipped and consequently the aggregate TrendSignal score is leveling off.


TrendSignal and Media Momentum for Big Data Trend

The trend is still in the top-10 ranking among technology trends, but the media momentum (ratio of cumulative TrendSignal highs to lows, plotted along same timeline) has tapered off considerably in recent months per the chart above. I really like the ability of the new momentum metric to spot changes in direction. For example, notice the sudden change in momentum going into 2013.  For awhile it looked like the momentum was returning after a nearly 3-year softening.  But suddenly the sail could no-longer hold any wind and the trend has lost all previous media momentum.

We’re apparently not alone in noticing this change in direction.  According to a recent article in the NY Times, search volume for the term “big data” is off, which the author suggests is a good indicator of waning interest in the trend among business users.