Robert Griffin III, or RG3 as he’s more commonly referred to, had an amazing media ramp beginning with the 2011 season.  As you can see, RG3 moved from 26 TrendSignal points in early 2010 to a TrendSignal high of 64 in March 2012.   The “media plateau” started in December 2011 and has continued ever since.

Essentially, RG3 as a brand has hit a new normal in terms of TrendSignal, averaging 55 pts. over the prior 12-month period.

Robert Griffin III Media Snapshot

The Robert Griffin III brand is oscillating around the 55/57 TrendSignal points range over a 12+ month period.  His recent media value has been extremely high, with a run-rate of approx. $3.5M/month.  He’s definitely pulling attention from high-reach media sources along with very solid search volume stats.  RG3’s TrendSignal momentum was high, even during the off-season, a clear indication that his brand has risen above the seasonal football coverage.

Quarterback Media Growth Comparison
(Griffin, Flacco, Romo, Brady and Kaepernick)

Robert Griffin III hit a 4-year high of 64 TrendSignal pts. on April 2012 (he’s currently off nearly -10 pts. from that position.   This compares to Tom Brady (high 68 pts.), Tony Romo (high 68 pts.) and Peyton Manning (high 67 pts.).  Only Tim Tebow’s TrendSignal high of 83 (April 2012) tops the QB ranks; although, the Tim Tebow brand is now at a 4-year low (-4 @ 49 pts.) given his free agent status and lack of game-time this season.

What does all this mean?  RG3 is in a nice position to capitalize on his prior media momentum.  It was built-up in a solid, but gradual way throughout the 2011/2012 season.  He managed his media exposure well during the injury period and managed to build considerable attention during his season return.

The remaining quarterbacks are all pulling consistent and similar TrendSignal scores with the exception of Colin Kaepernick (-1 @ 46 pts.).  Even though Kaepernick has had the same in-game media exposure as the other leading NFL quarterbacks, his media TrendSignal is nearly 20 pts. below the others, and 10 pts. off Robert Griffin.

Griffin vs. Flacco: Growth Comparison

Interesting contrast between the two quarterbacks from a media perspective.  both are showing similar media momentum trends, skewing towards a breakeven, or neutral momentum position.  But while Griffin III has hit a media plateau, Joe Flacco appears to on a growth curve that could accelerate depending upon how the Ravens do in the later parts of the season (currently they’re  a wild card option in post season).