TrendSignal metrics only begin to tell the story of Mike Tyson‘s post-boxing media resurgence.

The Mike Tyson brand is now ranked #2 (+10 @ 72 points), alongside #1 David Beckham and #3 LeBron James in the crowded (200+ athletes) and hotly contested Male Athletes brand category. This is no small feat considering the simultaneous media focus on football, basketball and hockey this month.

Mike Tyson was already pulling strong TrendSignal numbers (12-mo. trailing avg. of 64 points) going into December. After losing some media momentum in 2013, his brand appears to be surging again with the publication of his Undisputed Truth autobiography.

Love him or loathe him, the media’s fascination with Tyson is evidence of a well-crafted post-boxing career.¬† I found the best way to experience the “new” Mike Tyson was through a recent interview he gave to HBO.