Well, at TrendTopics we’re constantly monitoring not only top World Leaders like the most-hip Pope in decades, but also thousands of top trends, brands and other influencers, some even equally as hip is the new Pope.

But back to the latest world leader snapping a selfie.

Pope Francis‘ current TrendSignal is running at a very high 72 pts., up +2 over the prior month.  Going into the religious holiday season we’re likely to see seasonal boost to the papal TrendSignal value.

He’s got a lot of media competition in the World Leader Category with the likes of Obama, Putnin, Kerry, Cameron Assad, Merkel and gang.  The Pope is currently ranked 17th on the World Leader Media Prominence list by current TrendSignal scores.  His increase over the prior month unfortunately is not in the same league as 26 other top World Leaders.  You can get all the details via our new TrendTopics dashboards.

But as Jerry McGuire learned in the movie by the same name, show me the money!

As for the Pope, this type of TrendSignal can translate into equivalent media value.  Pope Francis pulled $4.4M in media value for November.  Quite a figure.  But even more impressive is the Pope’s trailing 12-month cumulative media value of $73M.   To give you some perspective, Tiger Woods, not exactly papal material, drew $5.2M in media value during November with a 12-month cumulative media take of $80.1M.  Nike must be proud.  May be we’ll see a swoosh on the Papal robe?

Here’s a quick Snapshot into the Papal Media Prominence

By the way, Tiger Woods TrendSignal is at 67 pts., off -1 pt. over the prior month.  Nike is at 88 pts. this month, no-change over the prior period.