Having two daughters of my own, catching the GM announcement that yet another woman has ascended to the top of a major US corporation was again confirmation that today’s daughters will be tomorrow’s leaders.

On Tuesday, Mary Barra, 51, completed a remarkable personal odyssey when she was named the next chief executive of General Motors (NC @ 74 pts.) — making her the first woman to ascend to the top job at a major auto company.

Ms. Barra takes control of a U.S. auto brand with a strong media TrendSignal that has been moving into a solid growth phase since mid-2012 after a nearly 2 1/2 year slide.

We’ve been monitoring the media performance of the Auto Brands Category for several years and GM has definitely turned a media corner over the prior 12-months, having emerged from its controversial Federal bailout with strong sales figures.  With a solid engineering and product development background (33+ years), Ms. Barra is expected to continue bringing innovative products to market under the broad GM brand family.

GM Media Snapshot
(TrendSignal, Media Value and Overall TrendSignal Momentum)

While she is the consummate insider who has spent 33 years with G.M., Ms. Barra is now charged with driving change at the automaker, which, just four years ago, went bankrupt and needed a $49.5 billion government bailout to survive.