As Wearable Technology (-8 pts. @ 56) becomes more mainstream, specific products and brands are grabbing more and more media attention. Google Glass (+1 pts. @ 84) and Smartwatches (+8 pts. @ 63) are squarely in the Leading quadrant, meaning they’re gaining media share in both the short term (30-days) and long-term (12-months) vs. the category average. While there are a number of smartwatches on the market from some of the major Consumer Electronic Brands such as Sony (NC @ 96), rumors of Apple (+1 pts. @ 99) developing its own smartwatch are stirring media attention.


A quick glance at Google Glass’ position (+1 @ 84) relative to the top Consumer Electronic Brands (-2 pts. @ 67) illustrates the strong position the brand is now occupying. The Y axis is media growth over the last 12-months while the X axis represents growth over the last 30-days.


Comparing Google Glass with Smartwatches shows how both are riding the media focus on Wearable Technology.

Smartphones, tablets and e-readers and other fast-moving technology trends are trailing the wearable media storyline over recent months.  If Apple were to throw its hat into the category, momentum around wearable technology could ignite even further.